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Our Passion With Essential Oils

We have a massive passion to share the knowledge of safe essential oil uses with the world. Helping those who are seeking a holistic approach to modern day situations. With an enfaces on emotional wellness throughout the podcast show itself, we will cover it all. Tune in and connect with us on socials. We are here to serve up the best scoops you need to live a more holistic life.

Meet Vicki......Hi everyone, let me clear the air a seconds.....I don't always look this done up, but I do however smile like this often. 🙂 I love all things holistic wellness, and feel blessed to share this Podcast platform with my dear friend, Sarah. I'm married to the love of my life, Oliver and have two wonderful dogs Belle and Nyko. Yes, they also have their own IG account (@belle.nyko). My introduction to oils came at the perfect time (like most things do.) I was in my early 20's and suffering tremendously from OTC side effects, and emotional traumas I never got help with. These oils and the truly toxic free swaps we talk about in this Podcast have saved my life more times than I can count. Am I perfectly living a life free of all things harmful? NO, but I have been making small changes over time that have helped beyond words. I invite you to tune in. Listen to what we have to share with you all. Take it all in, and maybe, just maybe start asking yourself what can I do that will support my mind and body that doesn't require a warning label 5 miles long. It's time to get the juicy scoop on your toxic free wellness options ✌🏼💜💧

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